Be Kind whenever possible.

It is always possible.

Jane doe [ˌjān ˈdō] n.:
used to refer to a woman whose real name is not known or cannot be revealed; anonymous.

The Message

Just like a seed, it takes breaking through barriers to grow into something extraordinary.
Whenever you’re feeling alone, take a peek at your sunflower and remember, someone, somewhere out there, is cheering you on.

XO, Jane Doe

jane’s story

Everyone is going through something. Whether they are sharing the whole story or not, XO, Jane Doe was founded to let others know they are not alone – someone is always cheering them on in the background.

For every act of kindness bought, XO, Jane Doe will send an additional one to a complete stranger.

“To grow a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
-Audrey Hepburn